The 2020 draft looks to have been quite productive for the Dodgers. Many consider the first three to all have been possible first round talents. Below is a table that provides a simple summary of the players drafted by the Dodgers, including their social media information.

Pick Player Pos Slot $ Signed $ Twitter Instagram
29 Bobby Miller RHP $2,424,600 $2,200,000 @BMilled15 @bobby_miller_15
60 Landon Knack RHP $1,157,400 $715,000 @LKnackers @lknackers
66 Clayton Beeter RHP $1,003,300 TBD @C_Beeter @cbeet15
100 Jake Vogel CF $581,600 $1,622,500 @jakevogs_ @jakevogs
130 Carson Taylor C $434,300 $400,000 @carsonhtaylor @chtaylor14
159 Gavin Stone RHP $327,200 $100,000 @gavinstone02 @gavinbstone

Bonus slot dollar information – MLB News

Since the draft was only five rounds there will be a flurry of free agent signings.

Below are some links regarding the Dodgers draft and some details about their picks.