The Dodgers have targeted pitching in the 2021 draft Below is a table that provides a simple summary of the players drafted by the Dodgers, including their social media information.


Pick Player Pos Slot $ Signed $ Twitter Instagram
29 Maddux Bruns LHP $2,420,000 @brunsmaddux7 @madduxbruns
101 Peter Heubeck RHP $577,000 @PHeubeck9 @peterheubeck
131 Nick Nastrini RHP $430,800 @NastriniNick @nicknastrini
162 Ben Casparius RHP $318,120 @Bcasparius5 @ben_casparius
192 Emmet Sheehan RHP $247,000 @Emmet_Sheehan @emmetsheehan15
222 Ryan Sublette RHP $194,400 @SubletteRyan @ryan.sublette
252 Ben Harris LHP $162,700
282 Lael Lockhart LHP $149,800 @LaelJLockhartJr @laeljlockhartjr
312 Michael Hobbs RHP $142,200 @michael_hobbs10 @michaelhobbs10
342 Justin Wrobleski LHP @7WROBO7 @justin_wrobleski
372 Ronan Kopp LHP @rkopp27 @rkopp27
402 Antonio Knowles RHP @kwconchsa2k @antonio_wells7
432 Jordan Leasure RHP @JLeasure8 @jordan_leasure8
462 Madison Jeffrey RHP @mjeffrey33 @mjeffrey33
492 Michael Sirota SS
522 Adam Tulloch LHP @adamt_1471
552 Damon Keith OF @dkeith_22 @damon.keith22
582 Gabe Emmett RHP
612 Charlie Connolly RHP

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Below are some links regarding the Dodgers draft and some details about their picks.