A Dodgers 2080 Thanks For You In 2020

Moving forward to 2021

In conjunction with Dodgers Nation, we hatched this idea of Dodgers 2080 right before everything changed for us all. We started writing articles on the DN site as we were preparing the 2080 site. The 2080 site went live in early May. Since then we’ve had around 12,400 visits and 18,000 page views. For those of you in the business of running websites, those are some numbers not worth bragging about. For us, we consider it a total blessing and we are grateful for each and every visit and page view. We are working to earn more of your patronage in 2021.

Looking Back

Ryan Pepiot in 2020 Spring Training. Photo credit: Tim Rogers/Dodgers Nation

The best way to look back is to look at some of my favorite articles.

Moving Forward

Corey Seager rehabbing with the Quakes in 2019. Photo Credit: Tim Rogers/Dodgers Nation

As we move forward into the unknown of a new year these are things to hopefully look forward to from Dodgers 2080:

  • Some giveaways. The first one will be soon.
  • Coverage of the minor league games. I hope we can attend them as that makes the coverage so much better.
  • Minor league game progress on Twitter
  • More interviews with the players
  • Deep dives into prospects you may not have heard of
  • Coverage of news regarding any player in the Dodgers farm system
  • Rehabilitation assignments from the Dodgers to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes.

Final Thoughts

Tracking minor league prospects is a labor of love and a niche. The bottom line is that we support all the players in the Dodgers minor league system and the ones that have moved on to other teams. If you are a consistent reader of articles on this site then you probably have similar feelings. It is awesome to watch these young men travel the path to the Major Leagues. The path is a tough one and when a player makes it then there is definitely some rejoicing with the people who have followed them.

Please consider following us on Facebook, Twitter @dodgers2080, Instagram @dodgers2080, and YouTube. Again, thank you so much for checking us out in 2020 and we hope there is much more goodness to report on in 2021.

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