This page will track international free agents the Dodgers are signing and any related articles.

Player Age Pos Twitter Instagram
Wilman Diaz 17 SS @wilman_diaz_07
Jesus Galiz 17 C @jesusgaliz2
Rayne Doncon 17 SS
Roger Lasso OF @_roger_lasso.27
Carlos Avila C
Miguel Angel Vilchez RHP
Misael Soto RHP
Jorge Carpintero LHP
Dailoui Abad RHP
Thairon Liranzo C
Jonny Jimenez RHP
Luis Guerra SS
Juan Alonso OF
Isaac Barreto OF
Miguel Bastardo RHP
Elio Campos SS
Brian Diaz RHP
Sebastian Jimenez LHP
Maximo Martinez RHP
Kelvin Ramirez RHP
Christian Romero RHP
Pedro Santillan RHP



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