Dodgers: Andrew Toles Has Been Found

Great to hear he is safe

Dodgers fans were treated by some news about Andrew Toles only a few hours ago.

We know that he has been missing for quite a long time so it is great to finally have an update on him. Now we hope and pray he can get help. The Dodgers and the Major League Baseball Players Association can now try and help him. When some people go missing they don’t want to be found and I believe that this may be the case with Toles. Maybe this will be that chance for him to want some help.

Andrew Toles has a special place for a lot of fans. I wrote a piece about missing him last year.

There isn’t much we can do other than pray for his recovery. I’m sure the Dodgers an MLBPA are glad he has been found so they can help him. We have missed you Andrew Toles and we just want you to be healthy and content.

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