Dodgers Prospects: 2020 Instructional League Roster

There’s a good mix but many top prospects are not going to be there

The Dodgers 2020 Instructional League roster was announced by Baseball America recently. We do not know why the top two prospects, Josiah Gray and Keibert Ruiz, were not included. It was good to see some of the players we have put the spotlight on over the last few months make it like Jeff Belge and John Rooney. Other players we have put in the spotlight like Ryan Pepiot, Justin Bruihl and Darien Nunez did not. Some players not included on this roster could also be traveling with the Dodgers in the playoffs and are on their taxi squad.

The full roster is below including their ranking according to MLB Pipeline.

The Roster

Player POS Rank How Acquired
Acosta, Aldry RHP 2017 IFA
Amaya, Jacob INF 10 2017 draft (11th round)
Beeter, Clayton RHP 8 2020 Draft (2nd round)
Belge, Jeff LHP 2019 Draft (18th round)
Boyer, Logan RHP 2019 draft (11th round)
Busch, Michael INF 4 2019 draft (1st round)
Cantleberry, Jake LHP 2019 draft (13th round)
Carrillo, Gerardo RHP 16 2017 IFA
Cartaya, Diego C 5 2018 IFA
Casey, Donovan OF 2017 draft (20th round)
Chalo, Wladimir C 2016 IFA
Feduccia, Hunter C 2018 draft (12th round)
Fernandez, Yeiner C 2020 IFA
Fisher, Braydon RHP 2018 draft (4th round)
Gutierrez, Osvanni RHP 2019 IFA
Hoese, Kody INF 3 2019 draft (1st round)
Jackson, Andre RHP 28 2017 draft (12th round)
Kendall, Jeren OF 2017 draft (1st round)
Lewis, Brandon INF 2019 draft (4th round)
Lewis, Jimmy RHP 26 2019 draft (2nd round)
Little, Jack RHP 2019 draft (5th round)
Martinez, Jose RHP 2017 IFA
McWilliams, Sam INF 2018 draft (19th round)
Miller, Bobby RHP 7 2020 draft (1st round)
Morillo, Juan RHP 2016 IFA
Ochsenbein, Aaron RHP 2019 draft (6th round)
Outman, James OF 2018 draft (7th round)
Pages, Andy OF 12 2017 IFA
Percival, Cole RHP 2020 UDFA
Reks, Zach OF 2017 draft (10th round)
Robertson, Nick RHP 2019 draft (7th round)
Rooney, John LHP 2018 draft (3rd round)
Sheffield, Jordan RHP 2016 draft (1st round)
Taylor, Carson C 2020 draft (4th round)
Tyranski, Mitch LHP 2019 draft (12th round)
Valera, Leonel INF 2016 IFA
Vargas, Miguel INF 13 2018 IFA
Vivas, Jorbit INF 2017 IFA
Vogel, Jake OF 14 2020 draft (3rd round)
Willeman, Zach RHP 2017 draft (19th round)
Williams, Kendall RHP 23 2020 trade (TOR)

Moving Forward

It is good to see that “instructs” are moving forward this fall. As we get details about when they will all play (they have already started) we will post what we know. Like everything else, no fans and no media.

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