Dodgers Prospects: 2020 MiLB Season Has Been Canceled

MiLB might be in big trouble

It is now official, the 2020 Minor League Baseball season has been canceled. This is an awful result no matter what the reasoning happens to be. So many livelihoods are impacted in a negative way. Fortunately, the Dodgers are paying their minor league players for the rest of the season. For the people who work for the minor league teams this is terrible news.

The players have limited options. It does seem that they could play independent ball but that has some risk.

Longer term, it looks like Minor League Baseball is in real trouble. These are not teams that have deep pockets. This thread from JJ Cooper, Executive Editor of Baseball America is a huge warning. The CEO of MiLB is Pat O’Conner and the picture he paints is not pleasant.

It’s north of half (of MiLB teams) who could either have to sell (or go insolvent without government or other help). This is the perfect storm. There are many teams that are not liquid, not solvent. – Pat O’Conner, CEO of MiLB

Truly, our hearts go out to everyone negatively impacted by the loss of the 2020 season of Minor League Baseball. I especially am grateful to the people in Rancho Cucamonga who make the Quakes an amazing experience. My prayers are with you.

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