Dodgers Prospects: Check Out Content From Dodger Poke

Our own Casey Porter Has A Site Also

One of our staff members is Casey Porter, has his own site called Dodger Poke Report. He lives in Oklahoma and has been able to establish relationships with players with both the Oklahoma Dodgers and the Tulsa Drillers. This has allowed him to get in-depth coverage of those players that he is able to quickly post to his website. Some of those are cross-posted to this site but not all are. There is also a YouTube channel where Casey is able to quickly post his interviews with various players. The interviews are outstanding so please subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Below are some quick links to some of the Dodger Poke Report videos:

So, make sure to check out the Dodger Poke Report, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we will be posting more videos over the next few weeks as the off-season gets rolling.

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