Dodgers Prospects: FanGraphs Adds Draft Picks To Prospects List

One big surprise

A few weeks ago we wrote about the FanGraphs Top 47 Prospects List for the Dodgers. Now, FanGraphs has updated that list to include some of the recent draft picks from the 2020 draft. First, let’s make something clear, these lists are not objective but are simply semi-informed, subjective speculations. In other words, they are just a set of opinions. At Dodgers 2080 we find them very interesting and believe our readers might as well.

Clayton Beeter (#13)

The 66th pick in the draft and the Dodgers 3rd pick is the highest rated prospect according to FanGraphs. Clayton Beeter slots in-between Jacob Amaya and Gerardo Carrillo, two prospects I think very highly of. This is the biggest surprise in my opinion. Many felt that Beeter would be in the first round or the upper part of the second round. Some even felt he might have the best breaking ball in the draft. I’m a little worried that the Dodgers might have a tough one to sign with Beeter.

Bobby Miller (#15)

The Dodgers first round pick and the 29th pick in the draft actually came in behind Beeter. Bobby Miller slotted in-between Gerardo Carrillo and Alex De Jesus. The best news is that Miller is now officially signed with the Dodgers. Miller has an elite fastball and his improvements over the last couple of years has him on the fast track to Dodger Stadium.

Landon Knack

Landon Knack (#35)

The Dodgers second pick in the draft was Landon Knack. Slotted in-between Carlos Duran and Cristian Santana, Knack was a surprise pick for many. It is believed that the Dodgers will be able to sign Knack for way under his slot value of $1,157,400 as he is out of college eligibility. We hope he doesn’t get too much under his slot value. He brings a lot of strike throwing and his velocity has been increasing.

Jake Vogel (#49)

Jake Vogel is the only high school player that the Dodgers selected. He has elite speed with a lot of excellent tools. At this moment, there isn’t much power but he’s way too young to make a final judgment in that department. He slotted in between Hyun-Il Choi (FanGraphs has him way lower than most) and James Outman, an outfielder I wrote about at Dodgers Nation in late 2018. I think he will also be a tough one to sign.

Final Thoughts

The Dodgers farm system is already stacked and this years draft picks make it even stronger. The true depth is in right handed pitching. Of the 51 prospects in the FanGraphs list, TWENTY-FIVE of them are right handed pitchers. The main goal is to sign all the Dodgers draft picks and at the moment only two of the six have signed.

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