Dodgers Prospects: Jacob Amaya, James Outman, Eddys Leonard, Jorbit Vivas and Michael Grove Added To 40-Man Roster

The big day for some players has arrived.

Congratulations to James Outman, Jacob Amaya, Eddys Leonard, Jorbit Vivas and Michael Grove on their promotion to the Dodgers 40-man roster. I was able to contact three of these players as they were very excited and asked them each a question. They were kind enough to reply.

Jorbit Vivas

Tim Rogers: Now that you’re on the 40-man list, do your plans for the offseason change?

En español: Ahora que estás en la lista de 40 hombres, ¿Cambian tus planes para la temporada baja?

Jorbit Vivas: Sigo con mi mismo propósito en trabajar duro y dar todo de mi

In English: I continue with the same purpose in working hard and giving my all

James Outman

Tim Rogers: What are some things you did last year that helped you achieve your 2021 success?

James Outman: I tried to find every way possible to get better. 2020 was a tough year but I was able to get some training with the help from Tom Kunis and him coordinating practices at local fields so I was still able to get better.

Michael Grove

Tim Rogers: Now that you are on the 40 man are you going to do anything different in the off season?

Michael Grove: I won’t change too much, I’ve got a great setup in Tampa to train, and I’m just building up to be ready to roll in February. Definitely gets me excited for the season though!

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Good luck to all these players and make sure to catch them at the Major League camp for Spring Training in 2022.

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