Dodgers Prospects: July 29, 2022 Highlights; River Ryan, Miguel Vargas, Jonny DeLuca

We won’t be providing full coverage tonight, just some social media highlights. The reason we can’t is that we were recording a podcast with Doug McKain with Dodgers Nation. Look for it soon and we will put out some alerts when it is published.

We will also be at the Quakes game on Friday, August 5th.

To the highlights:

Drew Avans extends his on-base streak to 36 games.

Devin Mann with a double.

James Outman with the elite defense.

Buddy Reed makes his presence known with the Drillers.

River Ryan is a good one.

Miguel Vargas with the walk-off home run, his 15th.

Jonny DeLuca walks one off with his 1 millionth homer of the year.

The ever-improving Carson Taylor at catcher.

Jordan Leasure continues to dominate.

Nick Nastrini is that guy.

A healthy Kody Hoese is a good Kody Hoese.

Mark Washington is so good.

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