Dodgers Prospects: New List Of Minor League Free Agents – Brock Stewart, Cristian Santana, Romer Cuadrado

A tough time for these players

It is the time of the year when organizations depart with many minor league players. They are a variety of types; former major leaguers, long-time Dodger minor leaguers, and career minor leaguers. Baseball America recently provided a list of players that are now free agents from the Dodgers’ organization.

Here is the list of those players:

Cristian Santana
Cristian Santana was the California League finals MVP in 2018. Credit: Tim Rogers/Dodgers Nation

Some Questions and Answers

Q: What does this all mean?

A: All players are free to sign with any organization, whether in the United States or anywhere else in the world like South Korea or Japan.

Q: Can the Dodgers re-sign any of these players?

A: Yes they can. In fact, I would expect a few to come back.

Q: How many of these used to be highly rated prospects?

A: Actually quite a few were in the Top 30 at one time or another. Brock Stewart, Cristian Santana, and Romer Cuadrado are some off the top of my head.

Q: Brock Stewart came back?

A: Yes he did but missed the whole season due to an injury. I can see him as a candidate to come back to the Dodgers.


For some of these players, they are scrambling to find a job for next season. Regretfully, some of these players may have reached the end of the line. One of the next items to keep your eyes open for is protecting players from the Rule 5 draft.

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