Dodgers Prospects: Post-Draft Free Agency Begins On June 14th

This should be interesting for the stacked Dodgers farm system

With the 2020 draft in the rearview mirror now comes the chaos. With the awful way the draft was reduced from 40 to 5 rounds there are many excellent players that can sign with any team. The main piece of information is that no player can receive more than $20,000 to sign. The feeding frenzy begins tomorrow at 6:00 AM PT.

With 30 teams competing for players and a limit of only $20K what separates the Dodgers from other teams? Let’s start with the big negative, the Dodgers farm system is stacked. This means the path to MLB is tougher through the Dodgers farm system.

The good news for the Dodgers is they have an elite player development system currently in place, led by Farm Director Will Rhymes. Any player should not let the talent depth stop them from signing with the Dodgers. So what if they are stacked, if a player gets developed properly there are 29 other teams that are possibilities. To get to the place of being ready for the Major Leagues a player must be developed from the beginning. Signing with the Dodgers gives a player a better chance of getting developed to the point of being Major League ready.

Along with Dodgers Nation we will track all the signings on our dedicated page.

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