Dodgers Prospects: Some 2021 New Year Transactions

Four players released

The Dodgers made some moves recently as they release Joel Inoa, Orlandy Navarro, Brayan Morales, and Kevin Aponte.

Brayan Morales – 2019

Many of you have not heard of any of these players but I got to see Brayan Morales play many times for the Quakes. He is one of the best athletes I’ve ever seen play. One thing he would do is do a jump so high in the dugout he’d pop his head out to look into the stands. When he hit we would get our cameras ready for what he might do on the basepaths. I wish all the best for Morales and the other three that were released.

Regretfully, this is the sad part of covering the minor leagues. There are only so many spots available. What is next is the International Signing Period on Friday, January 15th. We’ll have full coverage as signings are announced on our page.

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