Dodgers Prospects: The Top 10’s

Updated 3/31/22

Here are a few of the top prospect sites’ rankings of the Dodgers Top 10 prospects.

MLB PipelineBaseball AmericaBasaeball ProspectcusProspects 1500Prospects 361
Diego CartayaDiego CartayaMiguel VargasDiego CartayaDiego Cartaya
Bobby MillerBobby MillerDiego CartayaBobby MillerMichael Busch
Michael BuschMiguel VargasBobby MillerMiguel VargasBobby Miller
Andy PagesMichael BuschAndy PagesAndy PagesWilman Diaz
Miguel VargasRyan PepiotRyan PepiotMichael BuschAndy Pages
Ryan PepiotAndy PagesMichael BuschRyan PepiotMiguel Vargas
Landon KnackLandon KnackMaddux BrunsLandon KnackAndre Jackson
Eddys LeonardEddys LeonardJorbit VivasAndre JacksonRyan Pepiot
Jorbit VivasAndre JacksonEddys LeonardEddys LeonardClayton Beeter
Wilman DiazWilman DiazAndre JacksonWilman DiazEddys Leonard




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