MLB: The 2020 Draft Will Only Be Five Rounds

It has been announced that the 2020 Major League Draft will only be five rounds instead of the normal 40.

We know that COVID-19 has caused us to make many adjustments. However, politicians and other leaders using the issue to change policies to fulfill their own agenda is sickening. Rob Manfred and the owners have made a decision that works towards their desire to remove 42 Minor League Baseball teams. It does sound like the Major League Baseball Players Association tried for 10 rounds but that, obviously, did not occur.

With the maximum bonus for undrafted players this, in my opinion, gives the Dodgers a great advantage. The Dodgers have become one of the elite player development organizations and why wouldn’t a player make them one of their top picks?

The point above about depth is an issue. The Dodgers are loaded at almost all levels and positions. Would the Dodgers be able to sell players on growth? At the end of the day there are no short cuts to a Major League contract, even for a player in an organization without much depth. Players that have well developed talent will be the ones with the best chance at making a real career in baseball.

Where this is heart breaking is that so many careers are impacted. College seniors may just get another year and will stay that extra year. That means playing time for incoming players or the guy waiting for his shot will be impacted. Other players may get cut because of the freshmen that will need to be on the team. For those long shot players the dream is even more out of reach. This is all bad.

This all disgusts me and I hope baseball leadership can realize that baseball is more than a business. Go ahead and make a ton of money. I’m all for it but they are all caretakers of this wonderful sport. I’m afraid they are closer to being undertakers for the sport. Both Rob Manfred and the leaders of the Players Union need to be replaced.

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