Report: Dodgers To Pay Minor Leaguers Past May 31

Earlier today, Kyle Glaser of Baseball America has reported that the Dodgers will continue to pay their minor league players past May 31st. As Glaser is reporting, it is for the players stationed domestically, as well as those who are in the Dominican Republic. At this time, there are no further reports on exactly how long the players will be paid past the previously stated date. However, they will continue to make $400 per week, which continues what they were making through May.

This still places their salaries below poverty level and not all players received large signing bonuses. Organizations like Adopt a Minor Leaguer are crucial during these times. If your are willing and able, please consider giving to these kinds of organizations to help out our baseball family.

NOTE: A special shout out to the birthday boy, Hyun-il Choi, an up and coming prospect. He is now 20 years old and is the featured image on this post.

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