Unheralded Dodgers Prospects: Jorbit Vivas Is Busting Out

The infielder has been on fire

The Dodgers have a lot of well-known prospects and some have been in the Top 30 for a few years now. However, just because they are in the Top 30 doesn’t mean that there aren’t others to consider. Recent call-up, Darien Nunez, never made any of the big prospect lists. In resurrecting the “Unheralded Prospect Series” we have a new entry, the left-handed-hitting infielder Jorbit Vivas.

Note: Jorbit was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. I used Google Translate for the questions and answers.


Jorbit Vivas – Photo Credit: Tim Rogers/Dodgers 2080

Jorbit Vivas, from Venezuela, was signed by the Dodgers as an international free agent on July 4, 2017. He is listed as a second baseman but has seen plenty of time at third base. He even has played a bit of shortstop.

His ability to play multiple positions well is only going to help his chances to move up through the organization. However, it will be the bat that will carry Vivas.

His First Professional Seasons

In his first professional season of 2018, Vivas slashed .222/.350/.295 (AVG/OBP/SLG) without any home runs in the Dominican Summer League. His next season he split between the DSL and Ogden and slashed .327/.410/.472 but with just 2 home runs in 199 at-bats. However, he did hit 17 doubles to help account for the higher slugging percentage.

Breaking Out

Jorbit Vivas – Photo Credit: Tim Rogers/Dodgers 2080

The 20-year-old Jorbit Vivas was assigned to the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes in Low-A for 2021. He began slowly as he slashed just .208/.321/.396 in his first 12 games. He ended the first month, May with a slash of .238/.322/.450. In June he really started to kick it into gear with a slash of .309/.380/.494 including a 6 hit game. As of this writing, his slash through July is .364/.417/.545 with a total slash of .293/.365/.488.

2080: You’re hitting more home runs than before. What have you done to gain more power?

JV: I’m just getting stronger and hitting the ball harder

He has also been playing a bit more third base. There have also been some appearances in the outfield and at shortstop. I asked him about playing more than one position.

2080: I also saw you played shortstop tonight. I know you mostly play second base but how do you like playing shortstop and third base?

JV: I like shortstop and third base as well.

Vivas plays an important role in the Quakes lineup as he seems to be entrenched in the 2nd spot in the lineup. It was interesting that in a game I attended recently, the opposing team walked Vivas to get the bases loaded instead of facing the number three hitter in an extra-inning game.

A couple of other random questions for Vivas:

2080: What do you think of Rancho Cucamonga? What do you do in your free time?

JV: I think it’s very good I like the weather a lot, I rest I watch many series and movies

2080: What is your favorite restaurant?

JV: Chipotle

Next Steps

Jorbit Vivas – Photo Credit: Tim Rogers/Dodgers 2080

It would not surprise me to see Vivas promoted to High-A within the next two weeks. He really does not have a lot left to prove at Low-A. I also expect him to start breaking into some top prospect lists, even though the last FanGraphs list had him in their top 25. Soon, publications will release their mid-season updates and Vivas should start making some more of those lists.


It is great for the fans to be able to see a player improve right before their eyes. The fans of the Quakes are fortunate to be able to watch him play. Like many players signed at a young age, how they mature helps determine how well they advance. Vivas has gotten stronger and is a legitimate threat at the plate. With his versatility, he fits right in with what the Dodgers are looking for in a player. His ETA to Los Angeles is 2023.

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